Earth Hope

People and Earth are One

Our Vision

A flourishing planet with just and compassionate human communities

Entrance Meditation

The world wakes up with me — I am the Watcher.
Like the hawk I soar
Over mountains and green lands.

The Buddha’s face smiles gently
And the laughter in his cheeks
Is sweet and childlike.

When I was a child, I looked
In muddy ponds and threw bread.
Golden flashes, fish fins, broke the surface,
Pale spongy offerings swept beneath the currents.

Fins break the surface of my deep water
And I catch golden glimpses.

Who is this writer?

Buddha’s laughter fills my cheeks.
The wind in the trees is the ocean sound
Of waves tumbling on sand.

All the world is alive
And it wakes in me.

– Dorie Green

Our Work

Retreats and Workshops:

  • inspire people to love, protect and nourish all creation as kin
  • share the good news of the Universe Story
  • encourage Prayer of the Earth Heart through meditation, gardening and hiking

Our Sponsored Programs

  • Angela's Piazza ~ "Connecting Youth with Nature" program for at-risk children in the Billings, MT area.
  • Franciscan Greenhouse and Gardens ~ expansion of CSA at Michaela Farm.
  • Earth Hope in Prisons ~ learning nonviolent relationships with self and others through study of the Universe Story.
  • Transition Initiative ~ educating communities to shift from fossil fuel dependence to local resilience