Our Mission
Care. Protect. Restore.
We believe the environmental crisis is a manifestation of a spiritual crisis and that we will not be able to prevent more damage to our precious planet and heal our mother earth without addressing the afflictions of rampant consumerism, racism, militarism.

Our mission is to inspire people and support their efforts to pass on a viable planet to the next generations, not only of humans but of all life on the planet.

Spirit, Earth, Community

Earth Hope offers retreats and earth pilgrimages in groups of 3 to 10. Earth Pilgrimages are usually 1 to 3 days and include Big Horn Mountain Geology, Pictograph Caves/Rock Art, and The Beauty Way (along the Beartooth Mountain Highway). Retreats are held at various locations and workshop leaders include Marya Grathwohl and Sister Helen Prejean.

Please note: No more retreats and earth pilgrimages are being scheduled until Marya completes her book. If you are interested in signing up for an event after that time, please contact Marya.

Your personal journey
Marya provides individual spiritual direction. Creative, supportive, listening sessions that evoke inner wisdom and spiritual insight to empower a meaningful personal journey. In person in the Billings, Montana area or via Skype or telephone.
Being more, not having more

Marya Grathwohl, founder of Earth Hope, has written a memoir, After the First Thunder: A Spiritual Journey Toward Earth Hope (the working title). It was edited and submitted to the publisher in 2022. This book is for people who wish to discover and nurture their zest for life. It explores life as being more rather than having more.

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